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  Shandong Daming Disinfection Technology Co., Ltd., located in Tengzhou Industrial Park, researches, produces and sells disinfection products and fine chemical products,  with an annual output of 20,000T cyanuric acid, 15,000T disinfectant, 30,000T ammonium sulfate,  10,000T desiccant, 20,000T disinfectant solution and 5,000T textile auxiliaries.  The production is high-tech industrial incubation project and key investment project of Zaozhuang and Tengzhou. We have the hygiene license of disinfection pharmaceuticals by the Ministry of Health, veterinary drug production license and GMP quality certificate for veterinary drug. For many years,  our company has been appraised as outstanding enterprise in scientific and technological innovation,  top ten private technology enterprises, Tengzhou civilized unit, etc.
Our disinfection products mainly include sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, cyanuric acid, DEX series disinfectant and ammonium sulfate, which are mainly used for sterilization,  disinfection,  water purification,  bleaching, algae removal and deodorization in health care and epidemic prevention, animal husbandry and aquaculture, wool shrinkage prevention,  textile bleaching,  industrial water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, environmental disinfection,  rubber chlorination and so on. With strong technical force,  advanced production equipment and testing instruments,  we always provide customers with top products,  winning unanimous good comments. With self-managed import and export rights, and a sound sales network, our products are exported to Europe, America and Africa.
Our company enjoys an advantageous location, with Jing-Hu Railway,  Jing-Fu Expressway and Jing-Hang Grand Canal passing through, about 300 km away from Qingdao,  Rizhao and Lianyungang, 200 km away from Jinan and Xuzhou. Tengzhou City has a long history and splendid culture,  with rich Beixin culture.  It is a hot land for promising causes.  In the business philosophy of "Customer satisfaction is our standard,"  we provide overall pre-sales, sales and after-sales service with perfect service system and rapid response mechanism. We periodically organize production and technical personnel to regularly visit customers and exchange technical ideas with them,  and our service clerks provide customers with excellent,  professional, considerate service.
In the spirit of “Pragmatic,  Innovative,  Perfect” and the tenet of “Great Virtue,  Good Credit,  Sincere Cooperation,” we look for partners for common development.