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Greending environment-friendly disinfectant tablet

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Greending environment-friendly disinfectant tablet

Sample application
Product description

Dosage form and model:

1.5g tablets

Product Description:

This product is a disinfectant tablet with two chloro isocyanuric acid as the main effective component. The effective chlorine content is 500mg/ tablets, which can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenes, pathogenic yeasts and bacterial spores.

Scope of use

It is suitable for the surface disinfection of general objects in hotels, hotels, cinemas, schools, families, shopping malls and other public places, food and beverage appliances, food add utensils, pipes, melon and vegetables, swimming pool water, hospital routine disinfection.

Method of use: according to different disinfectant objects, this product is prepared into a certain concentration (the weight ratio of the medicine and water), and the disinfectant is carried out by soaking, spraying, rinsing and wiping.

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