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Tengzhou City in the long line of justice Bin visited our company guidance



January 25, 2014, Tengzhou City Committee, a long-term sense Bin, Deputy Mayor City Zhu Yan Chen, Municipal Economic and Information Technology Industry Secretary Han River, City Administration Secretary Jiang Guangtao and his party in Tengzhou City Economic Development Deputy Director GAO Guang-sheng, were bound town party secretary Zhao Bo, community town party secretary, mayor, accompanied by Yan Lei propionate, visited our company to guide the work of production safety.
Chairman and general manager of the company's work safety report were carried out, clearly in terms of safety in production, the company always adhere to the "safety first, prevention, comprehensive management" approach to safety in production, to firmly establish the concept of safe development, the economic development based on a reliable guarantee safe production, based on the responsibility to implement and actively promote, and achieved good results.
Yi Bin mayor far I have long performance in terms of production safety work affirmed and made valuable comments and suggestions, require the company's production operations in the future, we must always adhere to the principle of safety in production work, with the times Jin, forge ahead and achieve rapid and stable development of enterprises.