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Corporate Spirit:  Great Virtue, Honest and Trustworthy, Innovative, Perfect
Corporate Tenet:  Create Value for Customers, Create Opportunity for Shareholders; Create Benefits for Employees, Create Prosperity for the Society.
Corporate Version:  Industry Model.
Working Style:  Vigorous and Resolute, Responsible.
Management Concept:  Objective & Fair, Efficiency Firs.
Moral View:  Great Virtue, Good Credit.
Talent Concept:  Stage for Excellent Talents.
Business Philosophy:  Development cannot be achieved without users’ satisfaction.
Market Concept:  There is no weak market, but weak thought.
Quality Concept:  We provide safe and stable products for customers.
Safety Concept:  Safety is more important than everything and responsibility is extremely heavy.
Motto:  Integrity & Diligence.
Slogan:  Sanitizer made by Daming is not only safe but also reliable.